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Build, Buy, or Sell

Let's Maximize Your Business Potential

JH Massey Group strives to help visionary entrepreneurs like you reach their financial, professional, and personal goals by building, buying & selling your business as an asset.

Rooted in South Florida, JH Massey Group specializes in advising entrepreneurs throughout their careers so they may better leverage their businesses to obtain the maximum profit. Handling critical points of business deals, JH Massey Group targets small to mid-sized privately held businesses ranging from blue-collar industries, web specialization, and event planning companies to insurance agencies and beyond. 

Through a strategic and educational-based approach, JH Massey Group facilitates a business buying and selling process that equips small business owners on how to make strong financial moves and comprehensively identifies all points of a deal  – vetting potential buyers, collaborating with accountants, legal experts, creating presentations, and all of the necessary details that maximize the profit of your sale.

This isn’t what all business brokers do...

As your key to business sales, acquisitions, and entrepreneurship, Jen Hernandez-Massey, a well-known community advocate, does what most business brokers can’t do; by leveraging her strong background in management, operations, marketing, & leadership, Jen maximizes your business value with an educational and proactive approach in preparation for boosted valuation before closing your sale.

Putting more than 18 years of experience to use, Jen gives her clients close attention. She shares her expert opinion from her background in owning, selling, consulting, and operating small to mid-sized businesses. While many look for a quick value add, Jen values integrity while working closely with clients.

Success strategy or Strategy to scale

Numbers tell the story of your business, so why not leverage your full potential NOW & before moving on to life’s next adventure?

Jen applies her Master of Business Administration with a concentration in Operations Management to her client’s portfolio, targeting businesses valued at $800,000 and up with business broker opinion valuation, in-depth research & data, education, and execution. 

JH Massey Group targets small to mid-sized businesses specializing in blue-collar industries, web concentration, event planning, insurance providers, and more. Working with clients 2-3 years before they are ready to sell, Jen gives the business time & opportunity to prepare and maximize their valuation properly. Finding a buyer may be the quickest part of the sale; the process before the “close” takes skill, strategy, and support from your broker. 

Overwhelmed with an overhaul of your business before listing? Allow Jen to take over and simplify your strategy with ease and precision.